Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to School

Yeah, so I'm back. I got home and was overwhelmed by returning to my normal existence. To be honest, at first, I was really bored. I had two weeks to burn before going on vacation with my family, so I got to relax. I don't do well with relaxing. I was home while everyone else was at work. I felt lazy. I know I spent the summer reading books, but that surprisingly required a lot of work. So I got home and didn't have any deadlines all of a sudden.

During those two weeks, I did help a pair of friends move back into the area, had a few lunches with loved ones and got to spend every day with my husband (a rare treat after six weeks of separation). So it wasn't all bad, but I was ready for some entertainment.

We spent a week at Holden Beach; there were 10.5 of us in all. I don't really count my nephew Phoenix as a full person yet because he's only 7 months old. :-) He can't even use the bathroom outside of his own pants yet, you know?
Front row (from left): Josh (brother-in-law), Jenny (sister) and Phoenix (nephew), and Ruth (grandma);
Second row (from left): Me, Bryan (husband), Patti (Mom's best friend), Gina (Mom), and Mike (Mom's beau);
Third Row (from left): John (cousin) and Kim (John's girlfriend).

We had a great time in a fantastic house. My only complaint that it was almost too relaxing. After a summer of reading, writing and sitting, I could have used some roller coaster rides or something. :-)

And then it was back to school the day after I got back from the beach. I have my own room! Laudate deos! I made it all Latin-rific; I'll try to remember to take pictures this week. Coupled with a bunch of meetings and general information overload, the week flew by and I was back to teaching again before I knew it.

And now, a week later, I am enjoying a Sunday evening with my man and anticipating one more day of relaxation before another school week begins. Frankly, it's been good. My students are focused, they've got Latin names (that I'm acutally remembering to use), and all my Latin I students seem to know what I'm talking about. So far. ;-)

Besides not having enough books for about two days, I'm feeling good about the program's direction. I'm also excited about Knightdale's direction too. Last year was such a period of transition--this year, I feel like we have overcome some major growing pains and are reaping the advantages of our "new height." Still very early, of course, but I'm loving my job, loving my family, and loving my home. Besides wishing there was more time in the day, sum laeta!


Jenny said...

I think it's funny that a grown woman can hide behind her own 6 month old baby. =)

Jenny said...

OK- time for a new blog!! =)