Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Tonight I went to a storytelling event at the library that was awesome. This kind of storytelling is basically where someone creates fables and presents them as monologues (with all the voices included). They do everything from memory which is quite a feat since they have to tell it like a "story" but do it all off-the-cuff. The funniest was this guy who told his own version of Hansel and Gretal where their mother was a pirate and their dad sounded like Apu from The Simpsons. Hansel and Gretal had southern accents and the old witch's house was made of monkeys with bananas for windows. Apparently, the storyteller, Ricky, is a 3rd grade teacher. I would pay serious money to have him teach my future children. For real. Every time I think of the mom saying "Aaargh," I crack up.

My second class did turn out to be as good as I thought. My professor is funny; she had us answer the following questions to introduce ourselves:
1) A movie I never want to see again...
2) A word that I hate is...
3) My least favorite food is...
4) A celebrity I would like to smack up the side of the head is...

I answered Anchorman for the first one because Will Ferrell is great in small doses, but that movie was too much of the same bad jokes over and over again. I hate the word "fine" because it's too nondescript and it simply means that you're not telling me how you really feel. I will NEVER eat veal because it's cruel that they chain calves at birth for our eating pleasure, and, as much as I hate to give her more publicity, I really think Lindsey Lohan needs to stop doing pretty much everything that she's doing. I really loved The Parent Trap remake and even mimicked her voice for fun whenever I had to sound British, so her fall from grace has been very bizarre for me as an early fan of her work. For those who comment regularly, what would your answers have been?

I have to say that I'm handling the pace pretty well although my sleep schedule is messed up. I have class from 9-12PM and then I usually go to the gym or various meetings and then I come home for lunch and settle in for whatever reading I may have to do. Inevitably I doze off for an hour or more while doing so because it's kind of cold in my room and I end up getting under a blanket on my bed and the sun is up and it's cozy and before I know it the books on the floor and I'm fast asleep. Thus I am not tired again till midnight or later so I get all this nervous energy, right about now in fact, and end up getting everything ready for the next day. I guess it's a very "college-like" schedule, but for someone who has been in the working world for two years, it feels indulgent. For those of you who can't take naps, I'm sorry. We need to become more like Spain because it really is the way to live. A little siesta and everything is right with the world.


Jacqui said...

a few days in and graduate school sounds kind of fun >.>. You know what's weird? I make up stories and use the voices too, it's really a lot of fun to do. I never want to see Bubba Ho-thep ever again (if you haven't seen it, please don't)... I hate the word no, it's too forboding :), I really don't like squash... and I would LURVE the opportunity to smack Tom Cruise upside the head... with brass knuckles. Too graphic? I'm glad everything's going well. Your blog's interesting, Magistra.


Jenny said...

1) A movie I never want to see again...: Lady in the Water

2) A word that I hate is...: Irregardless (I used it for years and years, til, 2 months ago, I found out it meant exactly the opposite of regardless. Damn you "irregardless" for fooling me into thinking I sounded smart!)

3) My least favorite food is...: green peppers (the only thing I refuse to eat on a pizza and I hate it in Green Pepper Steak- thank god for buffets where I can just pick out the beef)

4) A celebrity I would like to smack up the side of the head is...: Paris Hilton- what the hell is her problem anyways?

Lindsey said...

1) A movie I never want to see again is Hostel. I don't mind horror and gore, enjoy it at times even, but they took it a bit far.
2) A word that I hate is "right" when used as an interjection into whatever someone else is saying (something they consider important) and with that condescending tone that says "I already know what you're going to say, and I'm loosing patience with the fact that you're wasting my time by telling me something so blatantly obvious."
3) My least favorite food is ham. It's slimy and grainy and gross.
4) A celebrity I would like to smack up the side of the head is... does Richard Brodhead, the president of Duke University count? I've never seen such a cowardly, two-faced 'man' in administration. If he doesn't count as a "celebrity", then Mike Nifong. He, from the first day of his term, was only concerned with himself and had no issue with destroying anyone's life who got in his way, at times by using his power to intimidate and threaten the well-being of them and their families until they agreed to hand themselves over into their own demise.

Yeah, that was long-winded... but you did ask for it.