Saturday, July 5, 2008


I feel so much better.  I have spent the last 2+ hours revising a critical essay from last year and it feels so good to be sitting in this library, in a comfortable chair, looking out at the mountains and dealing with words that don't have to be beautiful.  The focus is on the argument--not the setting or the characterization or the metaphors you deem to include.  

I love writing creative works, but it is so hard to do it here when you have to be on spot all the time.  Be. Creative. Now.  Write a perfect short story.  Now.  Create a publisher-worthy picture book.  Now.  Admittedly my classes don't make me feel that way in a direct manner, but when you're getting graded on the creative works you turn in, you don't want them to be crap.  

Whereas with critical papers, you just have to have the right ideas.  Sure, you have to put the words together nicely but the two tend to go hand in hand for me.  If I have a good idea, I'll find a way to write it.  I suspect that I will shy away from creative courses in the future (besides the one I am doing in London next year) and focus on writing at home where I can arrange my thoughts at whatever pace I desire.  I have enough writer friends that I think I will be able to workshop my stuff without too much difficulty.  I will miss reading everyone else's stuff (definitely a perk of a creative writing class), but I feel so out of my element this semester and I need to regain my sanity. Sooner than later, I hope.  

As for tonight, Mexican food with Robin (yay!).  And a little time off the reservation (mucho importante).  

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Robin Rudd said...

Yes, yay! That was fun (understatement). Let's go again tomorrow :)