Friday, July 4, 2008

Sound and Fury

Today did not feel like a national holiday.  Maybe it's our isolated campus, but until 9PM when the fireworks started going off in the different corners of Roanoke, I could not tell that today was any different than yesterday.  

I started the day by doing laundry.  Well, scratch that, I started by reading some chapters of New Moon, the second book in the Twilight "saga."  I finished it this evening.  Yep, I read a 550+ page book in a day.  I gave all three of them to my friend Robin to hide until I finish some of my projects.  My sister was nice enough to supply me with the sequels, but I want to hold out on the 3rd one until I have made more progress on the work I HAVE to do here.  I will say the 2nd one was as engrossing as the first despite the fact that I feel like a teenage girl for liking them at all.  Oh well...

Yes, so laundry and then a little clean up around the old dorm room, a workout at the very deserted gym, and a good dose of reading in the afternoon.  We had a simple dinner here and then watched Pride and Prejudice (I think I'm up to 15 viewings) in my room.  We finished off with some sparklers and a mountain-top firework viewing party.  I'll post some pictures of that as soon as Robin doctors them to make them look as fantastic as possible.  :-)  

A quiet but satisfying Friday.   Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a real dinner off campus...but before that comes a long list of work that I'd rather not contemplate at this moment.  

Oh, and tomorrow, my brother-in-law is getting married!  Bryan is at a "bachelor" party right now but the last time he spoke with me he was playing spades.  I'm thinking I don't have much to worry about there.

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