Monday, June 29, 2009

Computer Difficulties

Current Location: Youth Hostel, Oxford, England

So the bummer of our current accomodations is that we only have wi-fi access in the lobby, and we have to buy stuff from the cafe to access it (one hour per purchased item). We also don't have AC here and it's been rather warm so I'm burning up right now as I type this. Thus, I'll mostly be posting pictures for the next few days until we find ourselves in better circumstances. However, I saw amazing things today and feel very much content with all that I'm learning/experiencing right now.

A fun take on my former Latin duties (Eat Latin, Drink Latin) down the street from our hostel.

Harry Potter's Great Hall (However, before that, it was and is the dining hall of Christ Church College in Oxford).

Alice's Window as part of the stained glass at Christ Church's Dining Hall. Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll--the man who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) was a math teacher at the school and Alice Liddell's (the girl who inspired Dodgson to write down the tales) father was the head of the college.

The steps leading up the dining room that have also been witness to some film crews for the HP films. These are the steps that the students wait on before going into the Great Hall.

Radcliffe Camera (a part of the Bodleian Library). We'll be doing an extensive tour of the library tomorrow and seeing some of their rare book collection (exciting for English majors, not so much for everyone else).

The backside of a T-Rex. It hasn't been all English all the time around here.

Our little boat crew on the Thames.

One of the boats that we took on the Thames.

The Thames at dusk.

The path we took to get to the boat dock.

More pictures to come when this computer stops being annoying.


Gina said...

WOW... The Thames... poor baby !! Love the pics you've taken... the ones of the HP locations at Oxford are great !! So happy you are having a great time (aside from the lack of easy Internet access & AC)... who said learning isn't fun ! Love you... Mom

Amie said...

Awesome!!! I'm really sorry I wasn't able to come on this one; seeing all the posts is making me nostalgic.