Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Minute Everything

I would rather not think about all that I have had to do in the past two weeks. Reading over ten novels. Ugh. Already writing a paper. Bleh. Preparing a presentation for the first day of class. Eek.

OK, so I guess I have thought about it a little.

The upside is that tomorrow I get to fly to England. By myself. Surprisingly, for a woman nearing 30, I have never flown by myself. I have always had a friend, a parent or a spouse next to me. So this is a new adventure on many levels.

Problem is that I haven't packed yet. Ha. Just typing that makes me giggle a little. I have classmates who have been packed for over a month. Their bags are just sitting in the corner of their rooms somewhere, in complete anticipation of their future journeys.

Me, not so much. Admittedly I did travel to Italy and France a little more than 2 months ago and I packed the night before for that one too. Except in that scenerio I had to be up early. Tomorrow, I don't leave until 6PM, so I feel I have a little cushion. Also, in that particular trip, I had to accompany a lot of young people which added to my anxiety quite a bit. This time, it's just me, myself and...well, you get the drift.

So I'm still feeling OK about things at the moment. Enough that I am typing my anticipatory journal entry right now (instead of packing) as I wait for my presentation handouts to

Of course, there is a bittersweetness to all the excitement. I'm leaving my home for a month. I haven't spent a summer in Raleigh since 2006, and I do long for the day when I can sit in my backyard in July and drink a glass of lemonade with a book of MY CHOOSING.

However, I am thrilled to be finishing my graduate coursework in a place that has been pulling at my sleeve since I first read The Dark is Rising sequence so very long ago. Even if it lives up to half my expectations, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

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