Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh The Thinks You Can Think

Last night we went to see Into the Woods. Natalie and co. put on a very good show and it was great to see her again after an 8+ year absence. It was also really good we got off campus because I wasn't able to get my lovely picture book critiqued during class (ran out of time) and I think I would have thrown it out of my dorm window if I had the chance to simmer and think about it too much.

And today, on what was supposed to be a relaxing Thursday, I got up close and personal with the realities of putting on a mini-Broadway show. It's like the Roman Weddings all over again except there are four director-esque people involved and a cast of people I can't threaten with F's if they don't learn their parts. :-) We have our first "rehearsal" tomorrow and I'm praying that people will be willing to commit to actually speaking in front of a group of people. For some reason, this particular performance doesn't bother me in the slightest. 1) I know all these people and the ones I don't, well, I don't know them, so who cares? 2) It's Seuss so it's supposed to be silly and bad performances can be covered up easily. 3) It's a literature conference so we're not the main attraction (although we might be depending on how dull those critical papers are).

So worried about performing in front of a group of people in 3 weeks? Not really. That's about the only thing I'm not worried about, in fact. Mostly, at this moment, I'm looking out my window and seeing that we're about to have a rain shower and I have to go to class in 45 minutes. That is a combination I am not too happy about.

Oh, and tonight I get critiqued for the first time for my creative writing. I'm smack in the middle of the group, #4 out of 6. Frankly, I hope they rip it to shreds so it can be as good as it can be. I really love the idea but I'm not married to the POV or tense or any particular image, so as long as they don't tell me it's a crap plot then I'll be just fine.

Man, it's dark.

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