Sunday, June 29, 2008

There once was a Ville named Dan.

So, Danville, VA. Bryan's presence always adds a little luster to that small city, but it was just as boring as we remembered it. We went to the Danville Wal-Mart, the Danville mall, the Danville K-Mart (because at the time we didn't realize they had a Wal-Mart) and the Danville movie theater. The latter was the most fun because we saw Wall-E, which I can say is another Pixar gem. They are an inspiration to Children's Book writers because they prove that less is most definitely more.

The VERY Happy Couple

But the trip really isn't about visiting the small communities of Virginia, it's about quality time with the hubby. Our conversations usually go as follows:

Bryan: I really miss you.
Michele: I really miss you too.
Bryan: Life sucks at home without you.
Michele: Hollins cannot compare with staying in this crappy hotel room with you.
Bryan: I love you so much.
Michele: I love you too.

Sickening, isn't it? Seven years and we're still sappy. I know it's a good thing, but I probably won't get called on to write dialogue for Lost anytime soon.

Now I'm back in my dorm room, the sky is overcast and I have a list of things to do (a long list). Stories to critique. Picture books to write. Chapters of "my novel" to write.

Sigh. Less than two weeks and Bryan and I are going camping! For two nights instead of just one! I'm a little excited, to say the least. In meantime...

There once was a small town in southern Virginia without a Target...

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