Monday, June 16, 2008


What a difference a year makes. Last year I had to map out how to get to all my various orientations and I probably arrived 15 minutes early to every one. Today, I woke up fifteen minutes before the first one started, rolled out of bed and ate breakfast, and then leisurely walked NEXT DOOR to the building where my one and only orientation was going to be held.

Today was mostly about meeting up with old friends and getting a few things squared away for our literature conference later in the semester. I am an entertainment co-chair and the theme of the conference this year will be Dr. Seuss. So, I, along with one of my classmates, am in charge of creating a Seussical extravaganza complete with singing, a little dancing, and some acting. I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of orchestrating around 15 students in a amateur and abridged production of a Broadway musical. Deep breath.

That along with finally seeing my Creating Picture Books syllabus has certainly helped me get into full swing here. I have to create a mini 8-page children's book by Friday. I have to create a 24-page WORDLESS picture book by next Wednesday. Yep. I am in WAY over my head, but I'm going to be a good sport and see what I can come up with...wordless picture books....oy vey.
Anyone have any ideas they would like to share?

I have enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends. I stayed up late last night watching the new Pride and Prejudice with some classmates (probably the 10th time I've seen it, to be honest). Today I have mingled with a ton of different people in the program--new and old. I'm trying to be a good ambassador to our new students but also get some quality time with my friends from last year. Everyone here is really nice; some people like to keep to themselves but most see the benefit in coming out of their rooms for fresh air once in a while.

Speaking of fresh air, I am loving being able to bike everywhere again. I used my car to take my neighbor to the grocery store this evening, but otherwise I have been able to bike or walk everywhere. The campus is so gorgeous and I just can't get over the landscapes. I envy the people who work here year-round because they are in an idyllic little setting here. It's paradise.

Not bad, eh?


Jenny said...

I'm so happy for you Misha- it sounds like you're in for a great summer journey.

As far as wordless children's book, it's technically a comic book, but I would definitely recommend "Owly" by Andy Runton. If you need me to 2-day mail you a copy through Amazon just let me know.

Ms. DeCamp said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Jenny. I actually have a couple by David Wiesner (have you bought any of his stuff for Phoenix yet?). I'm more concerned about the fact that I have to create one myself!

Jenny said...

Yeah, wordless book authors (and reviewers of wordless books) usually comment on how challenging it can be to drive a story without a single spoken syllable.

So, the fact that you now have to draw an entire book, well, that's the slightest bit entertaining to me. =) I'm a good tracer, so I think my book would be about a cute little owl named "Owly"... =)