Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the Classroom

So this is a typical Hollins classroom:

It's basically a large conference room with as much AV equipment as you could ever desire. And this is me at 8:45AM today:
Note the seriously funky looking hair that usually results from my early morning bike ride in nice Virginia humidity.

I took my foreign language exam today, and I am very scared of failing a test in a subject that I now predominantly teach. Thus, if I fail, no one will ever know because my students need to believe that I know what I'm talking about. Heck, I need to believe that! :-)

I read Peter and Wendy for the first time yesterday; I'm really fond of Barrie's writing style--his balance of addressing his child and adult readers reminds me of Pixar's attempts to do the same in their films. He, like so many early children's writers, was a little eccentric, but it must have been hard to be a successful writer who didn't feel like a grown-up.

Today was the busiest day of my week, so I'm looking forward to things winding down. On Friday, some of us are going to see HP V in the theatre. Most of the student went last night at midnight but we just couldn't commit to being out till 3AM when we had a class in the morning, a foreign language exam in the afternoon and stacks of books to read. So it will be our end-of-week treat. As for when the final book comes out, I may have to go out at midnight to get that one. The Kroger down the street is actually having a midnight party, and it's the closest location so I'm thinking of hitting that place up for my copy. I just don't feel like dealing with hoards of little children at midnight (too many bad memories from my bookstore days). Plus some little goblin head is going to flip to the back of the book and start screaming who dies and I might lose my temper. To put it mildly.

This way I can go to the grocery store, buy my copy and some Pepsi at the same time and return home for the long haul. It's a weird choice, but, right now, it's the best I have got.

Now I have to get back to my ginormous stack of books that I have to read. Vale!
These are just SOME of the novels I've read while I've been here.

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