Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Time

It is 12:22AM, Saturday, July 21st.

I have the Potter.

I happen to be wearing my costume from our Death Day Party. I was a wizard dressed as a Muggle.

I have Pepsi. I have candy. I have mashed potatoes (don't ask). I am ready.

Commence reading!


mayo said...

You are such a dork!!! :> much love friend!

Lindsey said...

Death Day Party? I must hear about this. It sounds like my kind of party! What was it?

Lindsey said...

Also, what is a Muggle?

Jenny said...


A muggle is a normal, non-wizard person like you and I. Well, at least I'm a muggle- you might have some magical abilities that you're not letting anyone know about... =)

BTW, Misha, my $18 bet w/ Amazon paid off for both parties. I got my copy in today at 2pm, but Phoenix didn't go to bed until about 10 minutes ago, so I'm only like 30pgs in. I told Josh that tomorrow is "Daddy Sonday" (get it?!) and that Mommy was going to spend the day reading Harry Potter before someone ruined it for her.

BTW, you have to fix the mirror image thing on your photos- it's really starting to creep me out- it's like I'm looking into a mirror or something except it's not me looking back. =)

mayo said...

I have a denim hat just like that! :>

Gina said...

Mike asks that you not spoil it for him.... I haven't given him his copy yet !!! Love & {{{hugs}}}

Jenny said...

Oh- that's just cruel mom! You have to give it to him soon before some Muggle ruins it for him. =)