Thursday, July 5, 2007

You May Have to Wipe Up My Drool

A sampling of events from the proposed London/Oxford Trip:

1) "The Magical World of Alice and Harry Potter"--a guided walking tour centered on Lewis Carroll and Harry Potter.

2) Tour of Literary Oxford to include Tolkien and CS Lewis sites.

3) Guided walking tour centered on Philip Pullman.

4) Visit the Bronte Parsonage at Haworth near York.

5) Beatrix Potter Day--take the local bus to Hawkshead and Bowness on Windermere. Visit Hill Top at Sawrey and also the Beatrix Potter Museum.

6) A J.M. Barrie Day with a trip to Kensington Gardens.

7) Train ride to the Roald Dahl Children's Gallery in Buckinghamshire.

Even if you barely know me or have only seen my classroom, you should know how much this trip would appeal to me. THANKFULLY it's within my budget. Now I just have to apply and get a spot. If you have ever so much as thrown a smile in my direction, please gather all your collective "happy thoughts" and send them my way (in your heads, of course), and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to go to Oxford and London.

In addition, if I am selected, I don't want any material gifts for the next year. If you want to give me a present, please contribute to the "Michele Goes to London" fund or get an Amazon gift certificate so I can buy my books. :-) I've never "told" people what to get me (I prefer hinting), but what I need is this trip. Not clothes. Or even household items. Bryan and I can swing the costs, but any "softening of the blow" would be received with much groveling at the feet and many, many handshakes and blown kisses. This is my only chance to study abroad and it is so geared to my literary interests that I cannot function right this moment.

Oh, and the classes (since this is, after all, school) . . .

One of them is a creative writing class on MYTH, LEGEND AND HISTORY.

Those words might as well be my middle name. I don't use Lisette for much anyway.

So this is Michele Myth Legend History DeCamp, getting offline so she can write the kickest-ass essay possible and score a seat on da plane.

Fingers crossed, people!


mayo said...

aww well I hope you get to go to London. I've always wanted to and I would totally be excited about the Beatrix Potter Day. I grew up on Peter Rabbit and Pigling Gland and such things so that would be totally interesting.

Is Lisette your middle name? :> Good luck with your kickest ass paper or whatever you called it. lol

Lindsey said...

Good luck!