Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Vick Family Must be Stopped!

I love sports. College sports, that is.

When I was in middle school, I was addicted to Duke basketball. I would wear my Duke hat and sit with my huge Duke mug (filled with Country Time Pink Lemonade) and watch the tournament like my life depended on it.

I continued that fascination right up through my freshman year of college when I had to change my allegiances for NCSU for obvious reasons.

As for football, my interest fluctuated throughout high school. Frankly, I enjoyed it for social reasons in high school, but, at some point, Bryan taught me the rules and I got into it again when I was at State.

So for the past five or so years, I have been in the thick of ACC basketball and football.

Two years ago, a guy named Marcus Vick started playing for Virginia Tech's football team. He was their new star quarterback and his placement there was even more significant because he was Michael Vick's brother (who also played quarterback for VT and was now the QB for the Atlanta Falcons). NCSU played VT their first game (away) that year and all we heard on ESPN was Marcus this and Marcus that. The guy got all the hype. And how did he use his new found fame?
In 2004, he provided alcohol to teenage girls.
That same summer, he was arrested for reckless driving and drug possession (weed).
In 2005, he flicked off West Virginia fans after winning.
Later in 2005, he was arrested for speeding, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended/revoked license in VA.
In January of 2006, he stomped on the knee of an opposing player during the Gator Bowl.
A few days later, Virginia Tech dropped him from the program, but he still went into the NFL draft.
Just a few days after that, he was arrested for waving a gun at a teenager at McDonald's.

So what became of Marcus after all his misdeeds? He was picked up by the Miami Dolphins as a free agent (he did not get drafted), and he was released by them in May. So he is jobless for now. But what are the chances he will stay that way?

So imagine my SHOCK, SURPRISE, INDIGNATION, when I heard that Michael, his big brother, is just as bad.

I don't know if there are any more Vick brothers coming up the pipeline, but could we just head them off at the pass and not let them play football. Please?

I realize that some people would say that these two guys are why professional sports are a waste of time. I concur. I am not a fan of professional leagues. However there are a lot of great student athletes out there and I think NCSU has done a pretty fair job of bringing in kids who are pretty good at both. Yes, they get special privileges and a free ride, but I wouldn't want their schedule, so they are welcome to it. If you have ever been in a football stadium on a crisp Saturday afternoon where 50,000 people are all wearing the same color and cheering for the time thing, well, then you would see the appeal. And at least at the collegiate level, they still have some heart. And no evidence of steroids.

For now. :-)


Lindsey said...

Wow. A celebrity doing something delinquent. That's so unusual. And not all student athletes are so innocent either. The behavior of these two should not be a reflection on professional sports any more than Lindsay Lohan's behavior is a reflection on the acting profession.
Why I found it necessary to comment on this when I don't even like football is beyond me. But still, just had to throw that out there.

Ms. DeCamp said...

Obviously student athletes are not all innocent--Marcus Vick played for VT. My point was that NCSU has mostly recruited athletes who avoid getting negative press and that is one of the reasons I feel good about supporting them.

As for professional athletes, even the ones who aren't killing dogs in their free time are making millions of dollars to play a game. I have yet to meet a millionaire who was not altered by his/her new found wealth. I just don't see a point in supporting professional sports because the system is just too commercial.

mayo said...

That's why I like basbeball.

Go Redsox!! :> lol